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February 1, 2014

Hi! I would like to introduce to you my baby’s baby! ;-) This Honda civic car is a property of my boyfriend, Jose.


The name is actually a combination of the word “car” plus my nickname, “Abby”. So the result? “Car-by!” Funny, isn’t it? LOL :-D



This kind of style fits well to my guy. He’s simple just like his car. :-)



I love those stylish wheels! :-D


Let’s Start the New Year Right

January 6, 2014

Woah, I missed this, I missed my blog. So plenty of things happened in my life within the past few months which majority were not considered good memories at all, so here I am, starting to get back on track once more and learn from those “roller-coaster ride” experiences. Oh well, 2013 really hit me so hard that it actually changed me into a better, stronger lady that I am now. I might say it was a difficult journey though, but I’m still grateful with what I’ve been through. After all, these are all on God’s purpose, I believe. So, 2014? Hit me with your best shot! :-)


What better way to start off the new year right than to have a list of plans for the year 2014, right? And so I am more than happy and fulfilled to finally have this Limited Edition Starbucks 2014 planner. I had been wanting this since then and through my endless effort to buy those required number of Starbucks beverages just to complete all of the stickers, now I finally got it! I tell you what, the feeling is overwhelming! I feel so fulfilled! Haha! :-D It felt like I won a big prize. This is my very first time to have this, that’s why. :-D


The planner comes with an elegant box cover and a little antique-looking coffee icon bookmark.


There are actually four colors available which are brown, magenta, yellow & black. And I had chosen the black one because it’s the most stylish one for me. And I love its icon bookmark! :-)




This year’s theme is Coffee Perfection so the vibe really shows.


It has a lot of coupons inside so you can get discounts from different stores and restaurants. Not to mention those adorable stickers included as well! :-)


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a planner as the year starts up, and look back on it when the year ends? ;-)

The Hong Kong Experience

August 4, 2013

Finally, after almost a month, I’m now able to blog about my family’s trip to Hong Kong! I’ve lost Internet connection since we transferred residence lately, so I haven’t got a chance to continue my blogging. Anyway, off to my Hong Kong pictures now!


We’re all so excited to fly out of the country for the first time! Well, who wouldn’t be if you know for a fact that you’ll be spending some quality time with your family in a country where you’ve never been to.



Special thanks to my boyfriend, Jose, for lending me his spy sunglasses. Totally awesome, aren’t they?


Our flight number.


I’m one happy girl to have my first plane ride abroad!




These were the first snacks I had when I got to Hong Kong.


And my first meal!


For me, they have strange taste. Well, of course it’s because I’m not used to these kind of foods. But then, I still appreciated those and enjoyed eating dishes there.


No doubt that people here are healthy-looking. Their dishes are filled with healthy foods and they actually serve it with a number of varied viands which will really make you full.



I love this beverage! It’s like a green tea with extra something inside which I forgot the name, unfortunately.


See those two older people behind me? Funny that they asked about what our nationality is and I proudly said that we’re Filipinos having short vacation in their country. They looked glad watching us eat together.


Our first ride to their “MTR”! It means Mass Transit Railway which is their rapid transit railway system. I love how this kind of public transport brings you to your planned route in just a few minutes time!



It’s amazingly beautiful how they decorated this hallway going to the rest rooms with recycled buttons! Creative, indeed!


Giant and adorable minions in town!



This is in Maritime Square, a 4-storey shopping centre located on Tsing Yi Island.



Can I have your bananas you cute minion? :-D


These are the tickets used in riding MTR.


Flying back to Philippines, I’ve got these stuff offered by Cebu Pacific. Their Milk Tea tastes so good, as well as the hot mocha drink and pastry. That black-and-green thingy was gotten from a little game inside the plane. We fortunately answered right the last question so we were given this reward.


It was a wonderful experience indeed! I have made a simple video coverage of our adventure in there, here it is:

PS: Please watch it in HD for better viewing. Thank you!

Joe Karter

May 21, 2013

Sometimes, it takes just the perfect stuffs, timing, willingness & knowledge of the basics to have that perfect experience you’ve been dreaming of. When you crave for a thing which you still haven’t tried and then you really wanna do it before your life ends, you make sure that you’re gonna have that one. It is simply now or never.


I love how my partner in life follows his passion for wheels. Not just on cars and bikes, but also on karts! How amazing is that? I could really see through his eyes the outburst of emotion he has for this thing he really wants.



And so, I got really excited when he told me that he’ll be trying this kart racing and see how well he could get along with that four-wheeled small vehicle.


This place in Manila is really a perfect place for kart racing activities. It has ample space for the racers to drive conveniently.


And the driving begins. Wooooooosh!


Even the sun gives off intense heat, the drive still continued and I could see that he really enjoyed that 15-minute ride!


See? That’s what you get when you pursue your dreams – priceless happiness. :-)



Here is the video coverage I had made. Kindly watch it in HD for better viewing. Thanks! :-D

Summer Night

May 19, 2013

Before the rain totally starts pouring in, we still had the chance to finally hit a resort and go swim and release the summer heat! Just with a better weather condition – at night. Well, at least for me. For us people who have no white skin complexion, sunlight is a no-no. I mean, seriously, who wants to be toasted under the sun if you have browned or tanned-type skin already? LOL.


Family huddle! Love it!



Ooops! Blurry. I’m not so sure if it’s intentional to be blurred because I’m in there. HEY COUSIN DEAR? Hahaha just kidding couz! :-D


Before diving ourselves into the pool, we chose to dive first into those foods. Chibog muna aba! :-D


Choose one? Hahaha just joking, again. :-D Meet my sizzzzzling hot couzzzzins! (and my sister, she’s wearing the green one)


Time to get wet!





Gee! Our boys are effin’ hot, too! And oh, that guy on the right side is mine. Lucky me!


Tres Marias.


I love how these weird and happy people make my life brighter and complete. It’s really a circus-like event when we go and bond together and laugh ourselves to death! A treasure, indeed.


May 12, 2013

Graduated at last! Unfortunately, not me. How I wish. LOL. It’s actually him, my partner in life. Yea, kinda obvious with that graduation outfit he’s wearing in that picture. That green color actually represents the course he took which is Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.


I love how both of us smile for the success he attained through his hard work! I’m a very proud girlfriend indeed! :-)


I could really feel the relief he had this time now that he no longer have to deal with school works and the like. Another chapter awaits for him now that he is already prepared and ready to enter the what they call “real world”.


By the way, that’s his Mom and Dad. I love how I took a picture of his family. It’s my privilege to be there and be with them on this momentous day.


I’m more than grateful to have them. I feel so belong. I love them. :-)

Manila International Auto Show 2013

April 9, 2013

MIAS was here again to show their wheels! It was held last April 4-7, 2013 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila. I would like to take each car a photo but then there were really plenty of them, so I made a video instead. I still had few pictures of us while in the show though.


A one-time experience with this Mazda. Feels great!



Looks familiar? Oh yes you’re right! That’s one of those Harley-Davidson Motorcycles displayed in the show!



My handsome partner! :”> ❤


(Sorry for that blurry image) With one of the MIAS babes. She’s actually at the booth where World of Tanks was located. And to complete your MIAS 2013 experience, here’s what I’ve got to show you. ;-) Don’t forget to watch it in HD!

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